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Who is contractor and why is the world praying for him?

How A Robot could have saved nesamani?

Ramesh kanna who was trying to fix a doorway at the top of a staircase, dropped his hammer accidently. It landed right on top of Nesamani's head, causing him to (very theatrically) fall down. Now nesamani is in a very critical condition.

But If Robots was used in the place of Nesamani. This could have been avoided.

How, you ask? Well, let's find out.

This table of difference between proves how lethargic he(ramesh kanna)  was at work. And how Robots would have been
How Robotics could have saved Contractor Nesamani's Life

Difference between  Humans(ramesh kanna) and Robots
How Robot could have saved Contractor Nesamani's Life

What's the biggest benefit of using robots?

  • Well It's not the better efficiency.

  • It's not the extra hours the robot can work in a shift.

  • It's not even the improved consistency across your product.

  • Sure, these are all great bonuses, but, the biggest benefit of robots must surely be their impact on reducing workplace injury

So get your children to learn Robotics. Start taking a tailored Robotics courses and build your own Robots today.

And make this world a better place for Contractors like Nesamani

So its never too late to learn Robotics for elders too.

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