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Workshop on IOT

Level 1:
  • Basics of Arduino Programming

  • HTML Coding basics

  • Node MCU development Kit – Description

  • Creating a Webpage

  • Creating a Server on Node MCU

  • Controlling of IO peripheral on Node MCU using Webpage

  • Introduction to MIT App Inventor

  • Building an Android App and Controlling IO Peripheral

Level 2:

  • Working with IFTTT

  • MQTT Protocol

  • Using Adafruit IO

  • Getting Sensor Values and Updating it Live

  • Push notifications, Facebook/Twitter status update

  • Controlling of IO over the Internet

  • Google Assistant based IO Control

  • Home Automation and Smart Plant Demo

 Highlights of the workshop

  • Working with Node MCU (Inbuilt Wi-Fi) development kit

  • Android Application development using MIT App Inventor

  • Arduino Programming

  • Adafruit IO & IFTTT concepts

  • Individual Node MCU developments kits provided to students

  • All the necessary software will be provided to students

  • Control devices using Google Assistant

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